TV From Home : Satellite & Cable Expat Television and Radio with delivery with installation plus repair & relocation service in Belgium and all European Countries including Freesat & Sky + HD, VIASAT, Canal Digital, NOVA, MAO, USTVNOW, Nimbletv, Best Russian, Freeview, TNT, and all international Satellite systems | American & English Cable TV with British, Irish, American, Russian, Indian and International English Television Channels

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Stop Missing The TV & Radio From Your Home Country

TV From Home : Expat TV for Expat's living & working in Belgium Europe

Satellite & Cable HD TV

Whatever Language you & your Family speak, we have all the TV & Radio channels that you love to watch & listen to in your very own Language from your Home Country. You can also choose ‘Mix & Match’ the channels in different Languages from different Countries, giving you the perfect choice of channels as you want them. We install & deliver to Expats living in all area’s of Belgium including the main Expat area’s of Brussels ( Bruxelles ), Antwerpen ( Antwerp ), Tervuren, Waterloo, Lasne, La Hulpe, Overijse, Woluwe, Watermael Boitsfort, Zaventem, Auderghem, Mons SHAPE NATO. Living in another area of Belgium ? Just email us for a Free Price Quote where you live. CLICK on the Flag below for more details on the TV & Radio that you miss from your Home Country :

TV From Your Home Country

All the British TV & Radio : BBC | ITV | Channel Four | Five TV | Sky News | Cbeebies | etc

Choose from Cable TV Set Top Box ( NO Satellite Dish ) or Freesat or Sky TV HD PVR


All the American Television & Radio : ABC | CBS | NBC | FOX | CW | PBS | ESPN | etc

Cable TV : No Satellite Dish Required : Fantastic picture quality including PVR / DVR


All the Irish Television & Radio : RTE1 | RTE2 | TV3 | TG4 | RTE News Now | etc

Fantastic picture quality including British TV & PVR Recorder Function


Televisione Italiana e Radio Consegnati e Installati | RAI | Rete 4 | Italia 1 | etc

Freesat Italian TV : One Time Payment Which Means No Monthly Costs


Deutsch Fernsehen und Radio Geliefert und Installiert | ZDF | RTL | ARD | Pro 7 | etc

Freesat German TV : One Time Payment Which Means No Monthly Costs


Other Countries : Any Channel From Any Country

Choose The TV & Radio From Your Home Country

Relocating to your New Home & Already got your own satellite system ?

Professional Installation & Repair of all Satellite systems : Home & Business


Need a better WiFi Internet connection or having WiFi reception problems ?

TV From Home Internet WiFi gives you perfect WiFi all the time


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Television for your House, Apartment, Office or Business   Watch All the TV and Radio channels from your Home Country here in your new Home in Belgium. We offer two types of easy to use “TV Set Top Box” : ‘Cable TV BOX’ ( NO SATELLITE DISH ANTENNA REQUIRED ) or ‘SATELLITE TV BOX’. Prices start from 250 Euros TVAC.

Wherever your living in an Apartment or House, we will get you connected to your TV From Home. Our team of TV Experts will advise you of the best solution that suits both your needs & budget. Getting you connected as quickly as possible : Fast efficient first class service along with great after sales service with an on site guarantee for all of our clients making us the first choice for Expats. We offer a FREE Price Quote along with a FREE Demo Visit for Cable TV so you can see the quality of the service as well as our FREE Sat Check Visit if your thinking about getting Satellite Television and want to see if a Satellite Dish Antenna can be installed correctly at your Home.  Contact us : Telephone.:  +32 2 808 70 31  or  email. :  for quick efficient service.

TV From Home : Expat TV & Radio and so much more !

TV From Home are based in Belgium at our European Headquarters in Zaventem : Digital HD Satellite Television or Cable HD TV ? That’s the question and TV From Home have got all the answers and solutions, making us your first choice for getting connected to the TV & Radio stations from your Home Country. We are committed to offering the International Community living & working both in Belgium and across all European Countries the best products, service and technical know how, so that wherever you are living you can keep in touch, watching & listening to your Original Home Countries Television & Radio Channels in your very own Language. Our Professional Expert Technical Team are here to help you with both information & a dedicated fast response installation & repair service that will in most cases respond to your request within 24 Hours. You can telephone or send us an SMS message. Phone or Text our Help Desk now on 02 808 70 31 ( from outside Belgium call : +32 2 808 70 31 ) or email right now our Help Desk :

Television & so much more… In today’s world we are all inter connected but some of the most frustrating things are sometimes the simplest to get sorted and fixed ! That’s why TV From Home work with local English speaking professionals that are experts in their own dedicated professions.

IT Computer Experts getting your Internet up and working or even installed ( Offering you a PERFECT WiFi Signal all over your House or Office ) repairing your laptop, tablet, smartphone as well as helping with the installation of software, antivirus, printers, routers and apps. We even offer ‘ Internet Now Direct ‘ a fast internet connection within 24 hours of your request. A product & service that is UNIQUE in Belgium. Click Here for more info.

Need assistance at your Home or Office : Plumber | Electrician | Gardener or even just need a Handyman to help you move in, put up your lights, shelves and paintings : We have the Experts your looking for at very competitive prices who respond very quickly to your service request with first class and professional assistanceClick Here for more info.

What is TV From Home ?

TV From Home is quite simply the fastest & easiest way to get connected so you can watch and listen to all your HD Television & Radio stations from your original Home Country right here in your House, Apartment or Office in Belgium or any Country in Europe. No more missing your favourite shows, movies, series, sporting events or even your favourite radio station from back Home anymore. TV From Home works via a Satellite Dish Antenna or “Wire & Dish Free” using our advanced Cable TV system

Who are TV From Home ?

TV From Home are a professional local Belgium Company run by Expats for Expats with our Offices & Technical headquarters based South of Brussels in Zaventem. Our Technical Team install across all area’s of Belgium as well as offering you fast friendly professional after sales service support seven days a week across the whole of Belgium. Via our partner networks we also deliver all our products & arrange installation and service across all Countries in Europe.

Is TV From Home available in your own language ?

Basically you can watch any Channel from any Country : Our team of experts know their stuff ! You tell us what Language TV & Radio you and your Family prefer to be connected to and we will supply you with a price quote with the best options and choice : We deliver and install exactly what you require, we always find a solution to suit you.

What’s the cost & How do you get your TV From Home ?

We deliver & offer installation in all area’s of Belgium & most European Countries.

Getting your TV From Home is really great value starting from as little as 250 Euros TVAC. If you have questions or just wish to place an order please do send us an email :

There are two easy ways to get connected to the TV & Radio from your Home Country :

DIGITAL SATELLITE TELEVISION : The Traditional way via a small Satellite Dish Antenna :  Fixed to the outside of your Home or Office ( Most people are familiar with this system used for reception of well know Satellite services such as SKY | FREESAT | FREEVIEW | VIASAT | CANAL DIGITAL etc. As long as you have a South facing wall, balcony or brick chimney stack on your roof then we can normally get you a perfect signal reception for the satellite of your choice. A simple way to check this is to look if you can see the ball of the Sunshine clearly at about 10.00H in the morning : See the Sunshine and you’ll get a Satellite signal ! It’s that easy to find out. Click Here for more details & channel choices.

CABLE TELEVISION : TV & Radio WITHOUT a Satellite Dish Antenna : For people who can not or simply do not wish to have a Satellite dish antenna installed : you may find them ugly or simply not be allowed by your Landlord or Apartment block to have a Satellite Dish Antenna installed, as in some area’s antenna’s are forbidden to be installed. TV From Home have the perfect solution as we are at the forefront of innovative modern technology with a brand new approach to the ages old concept of CABLE TV & RADIO with our simple to use ultra modern Digital HD TV Set Top Box ( You just require a basic WiFi Internet connection : It’s that simple, no fuss, no stress )  that plugs directly into your Television via the HDMI plug on the back or side of your TV. We work together with well known leading edge industry brands such as DEFISAT | FILMON |  USTVNOW  | TUNEIN  that bring you High Definition Digital Quality Picture Perfect reception of both British and American TV & Radio Stations. This option is strictly for British, Irish or American Expats Only. Click Here for more details & channel choices.

Why choose TV From Home ?

TV From Home offer professional expert service and free advice. Offering high quality products that are fully tested and conform to the highest broadcast industry standards for both private Homes & residences as well as Companies, Businesses and Embassies. We are proud to supply services to the BBC | ITN | The British Embassy | Permanent Representation of Ireland to the European Union | Mission of Finland to NATO |  Stonemanor The English Shop in Belgium | EEC | Employees of Major International Companies & Embassies based in Belgium as well as Thousands of private citizens that live in private or rented accommodation. We always take our time to provide clean professional installation, taking pride in all our jobs, which is why we come highly recommended by most Moving & Relocation Companies and HR departments of large International Companies.

Is TV From Home value for money ?

All our products are covered by a solid 2 year European guarantee as well as by our own in house 1 year Free Replacement of any faulty product. If you have a question or require support, then you simply email your request and telephone number to our Help Desk which responds 24/7 even during the Weekend to find a quick fast solution so that your TV and Radio service is repaired as quickly as possible. We are a ultra modern open minded Company but firmly and rightly believe in old fashioned service values meaning that we always give a personal and individual touch to each and every client finding what’s right for each person and that’s with a smile included every time !

What about the installation or repair of your own satellite system ?

We supply brand new systems and products but also offer support including the installation of your own Satellite system when your moving Home. Just email us for more information and a free price quote.


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